HENSCRATCH: A method to facilitate distance (remote) learning of mathematical processes and procedures (multi-step solutions to problems). The steps of the solution are created via a graphics tablet (keyboard) and then sent to a parser (person/application) for validation and feedback (the solution is returned to the origin in an annotated form). The original steps and validation/feedback are encoded into an .XML file via the henscratch.xsd schema and sent and received between students/teachers/applications.

[A.0] - The Parser (For Example SAGE) - How does this work? - A python script based math application. So ... we create a script that:

[A.1] Receives a .XML file and feeds it into SAGE to see if A -> B where A and B are entries n and n+1 of the solution steps. For example is A is 2+2 and B is 3 then the feed back for that line could be "Line Number N+1 does NOT follow from Line Number N"

[A.2] - The Parser could be another student/teacher who goes through the solution one step at a time and sends back the solution in an annotated form.

[B.0] - The Parser (For Example BLACKBOARD/XO-OLPC-School-Server/Kahn-ACADEMY) - How does this work? - An add-in/plug-in/web-service interface that can:

[B.1] - Receive a .XML file and displays the steps for review/annotation by the instructor. The annotated version of the original is returned to the source.

[C.0] - How does a graphics tablet work?
[C.1] - How does an iPad 'finger-writing' work?
[C.2] - How does a Leap-Motion-Controller work?
      - Some interface that fires events like 'pen-up' (or next line) that allow a delta to be computed.  The delta is then parsed into new input (or erasure of old input). This is taken to be a ‘Line Of The Solution’ and encoded into the .XML file.

[C.1] - At some point a DONE or NEXT or CHECK action is requested that causes the .XML file to be sent to the parser for evaluation.


[A] Specify the HenScratch.XSD schema.
[B] Work with SAGE to get the parsing logic working.
[C] Work with BLACKBOARD/XO-SERVER/KAHN-ACADEMY to get the math application.
[D] Work with graphics tablet/iPad/Leap-Motion-Controller hardware to get the finger-writing working.
[E] Fly a web-service that can glue together the input and math application
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